confetti on the streets

This is a series of prints I  did last year .It was a lot of fun pasting these around the streets of Berlin and Hamburg with my friends


and my brother Jakob,of course 



I started working on woodcuts in the summermonths of 2010 and continued in march 2011 after the disastrous earthquake in Fukushima.Then I finished the work:Sadako Sasaki.


It relates  to  a little japanes girl  who is remembered for a thousand   paper cranes  before her death.She was a victim of the Hiroshima bomb and was diagnosed with leukemia .sadaki began to fold paper cranes in reference to an ancient japanese tale in which the gods offer a whish to whoever will fold  a thousand paper cranes.It's told that she foldet 644 and then died.Her friend finished folding the 1000 paper cranes and burried them with her.



 "But you don't need to see
And when I feel like
Spending one more day
On german streets, far away"



                                                                                                   a walk